Welcome to Selling With Authentic Persuasion®

Most people think that “sales” is a dirty word. Consumers struggle with trusting salespeople. Salespeople who fell into sales, and lack the proper mindset and tactical training, will default to Order Taker mode. Compound that with our fundamental desire as humans to fit in with the tribe, we get a combination that starts with a strong fear of rejection and ends with a failing sales career. In this session, we will cover where this comes from, the mindset shift to make, and the tactical sales process to follow each and every time.



These program are designed to help an individual salesperson build a foundation based on the sales success fundamentals, philosophies, and methodologies of Authentic Persuasion.


This is for salespeople that:

  • Have hit a plateau and want a system and training to break through to a higher level
  • Are struggling to achieve quota (let alone bonus range) consistently
  • Are new to sales and looking for an accelerator – don’t reinvent the wheel, learn what works for others instead of doing it the painful way on your own
  • Are thinking about getting into sales, or need a new career option and want the best prep possible for a selling position
  • Have experience in sales but know that what customers want/expect/demand from a salesperson has shifted in the last few years and that if you dont update your sales process and mindset - you will be left behind